Thank you for taking an up close interest in my large pussy lips!

Over pages of this site, I hope you will get to know and be as intimate with my Labia as I am, and I know there are guys (and girls) out there who absolutely love them (and quite right too I should add!). So I put this site together for those who want to see and worship my Labia Minora, Large Pussy Lips, Butterfly, Camel Toe, Cleft of Venus, Inner Lips and Whole Vulva, as well as the many other aliases for my sensitive regions!

There will be pictures and videos for you to enjoy as well as things like used panties and other Labia related items as I add them to the site. And of course not forgetting the chance to be enjoy them to the full in person for some Serious Fun!

That said, if there is something specific you wanted to see or experience, I am a very open minded woman and I would love you to email me with your suggestions - There are some free credits up for grabs if I publish your idea on my site so get emailing!

With Love and Sexy Kisses,
Nicole Du-Papillon XxX